• Tahara "brume" without alcohol 200ml luxury bottle - Crème Tahara - Brume with the sweet oriental scent of Tahara, a pure and very pleasant mixture, awakening all your senses. - Designed for body and hair. - Made in France
    29,90 €
  • Provitamin B5 Hair Brume - Crème Tahara - A fortifying and hydrating hair "brume" scented with sweet Tahara Musk. - Rich in Provitamin B5 and Castor oil for a silky and shiny result. - Made in France
    27,90 €
  • Classic Tahara Musk 30g - Crème Tahara - The Musk Tahara is available in the form of a 30g collector's jar. - A musk with sweet oriental scents revisiting the famous smell of white musk. - Made in France
    28,90 €
  • Body Cream 100ml - Crème Tahara - The body cream in the form of a spray from the brand "Crème Tahara" is a cream enriched with cocoa butter and vitamin E. - A real moisturizer ! - Made in France
    29,90 €
  • Body cream 50ml - Crème Tahara - Discover the body cream from the French brand "Crème Tahara", a Tahara musk cream enriched with cocoa butter to keep the skin soft and hydrated. - Made in France
    19,90 €
  • Face cream 30ml - Crème Tahara - The face cream from the French brand "Crème Tahara" is composed of many active ingredients to keep the skin fresh and well hydrated : - Cocoa butter - Coconut oil - Aloes vera - Vitamin E - 0% ALCOHOL Made in France
    14,90 €
  • Hand cleansing gel 200ml - Crème Tahara This hand cleansing gel is delicately scented with Tahara Musk to give your hands a soft and pleasant scent. - Contains alcohol to disinfect - Without rinsing - No soap needed - Made in France
    9,90 €
  • Hand cleansing gel 100ml - Crème Tahara Hand cleansing gel delicately scented with Tahara Musk for clean and scented hands. - Contains denatured alcohol (unfit for consumption) - No need to rinse - No soap needed - Made in France
    5,50 €
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  • Solid musk 15g - Crème Tahara - Discover Solid Musk, a musk Made in France without alcohol and containing coconut oil and beeswax for a protected and hydrated skin all day long. ALCOHOL FREE / PARABEN FREE / PHTHALATE FREE / ALUMINUM FREE / VEGAN MADE IN FRANCE (Grasse) Registered in the European cosmetics portal
    24,90 €
  • Refreshing gel 100ml - Crème Tahara This refreshing gel from the French brand "Crème Tahara" moisturizes and refreshes with its Tahara musk scent. Composed primarily of water, this gel allows you to refresh yourself while keeping your skin hydrated. Ideal before going to bed Made in France
    9,90 € 14,90 €
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  • Tahara musk gel 30ml - Crème Tahara - Discover the Tahara Musk gel in pocket size to take it everywhere with you! - Lightweight and practical, this gel tahara musk will keep you fresh and pleasantly scented all day long! Tahara musk gel Sustainable ecology MADE IN FRANCE / WITHOUT ALCOHOL / WITHOUT PARABEN / WITHOUT ALUMINUM / WITHOUT PHTHALATES
    24,90 €
  • Textile Linen Water Pillow Brume 200ml - Crème Tahara - Alcohol-free, does not leave marks on fabrics and clothes. - We also recommend this "brume" for use on carpets Made in France
    16,90 €
  • Home Fragrance 100ml Rods - Crème Tahara - Here is the famous sweet smell of Tahara in this quality diffuser! - Supplied with 8 stems (the more stems you put, the stronger the smell and vice versa) - Made in France
    24,90 €
  • Tahara Ambiance Home Brume 100ml - Crème Tahara House "brume" with the sweet scent of Tahara Musk in 100ml Perfect for any room in your home. Little tip: Excellent for perfuming your car! Made in France
    15,90 €