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  • Textile Linen Water Pillow Brume 200ml - Crème Tahara - Alcohol-free, does not leave marks on fabrics and clothes. - We also recommend this "brume" for use on carpets Made in France
    16,90 €
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  • Home Fragrance 100ml Rods - Crème Tahara - Here is the famous sweet smell of Tahara in this quality diffuser! - Supplied with 8 stems (the more stems you put, the stronger the smell and vice versa) - Made in France
    24,90 €
  • Tahara Ambiance Home Brume 100ml - Crème Tahara House "brume" with the sweet scent of Tahara Musk in 100ml Perfect for any room in your home. Little tip: Excellent for perfuming your car! Made in France
    15,90 €
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