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  • Saudi Abaya - Oummi Abi Moi   Beautiful Abaya with Saudi cut   - Premium quality Whool Peach fabric, fluid and light, ideal for all seasons.   - Breastfeeding & Ablution compatible.
    29,90 €
  • Abaya sleeves - Oummi Abi Moi   - The abaya that wraps around the wheels of the cart or stroller it's over ! We no longer stress when we see an escalator : No, we are comfortable!   - You may not necessarily like the Butterfly cuts: extra large straight cut, puffed pleated sleeves: FINALLY a model with sleeves that remains 100% ethical (= the...
    29,90 €
  • The centerpiece of the "Oummi Abi Moi" brand : The sumptuous Khimar with 3 veils.  A 3-in-1 flared cut: This model works as a lovely khimar but can also be adapted in Niqab or even in sitar (by folding down the muslin veils)
    26,90 €
  • The reputation of the "Maxi Khimar" of the very fashionable brand "Oummi Abi Moi" is well established: a classic and timeless model that can be worn everyday. Goes perfectly with any type of 'abaya. Fabric : "cream" (Whool Peach), light and soft, ensuring opacity and fluidity. Brand : Oummi Abi Moi Egyptian quality manufacturing
    18,90 €