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Body cream 50ml - Crème Tahara - Discover the body cream from the French brand "Crème Tahara", a Tahara musk cream enriched with cocoa butter to keep the skin soft and hydrated. - Made in France
Hand cleansing gel 200ml - Crème Tahara
Hand cleansing gel 200ml - Crème Tahara This hand cleansing gel is delicately scented with Tahara Musk to give your hands a soft and pleasant scent. - Contains alcohol to disinfect - Without rinsing - No soap needed - Made in France
Solid musk 15g - Crème Tahara Solid musk 15g - Crème Tahara 2
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Solid musk 15g - Crème Tahara - Discover Solid Musk, a musk Made in France without alcohol and containing coconut oil and beeswax for a protected and hydrated skin all day long. ALCOHOL FREE / PARABEN FREE / PHTHALATE FREE / ALUMINUM FREE / VEGAN MADE IN FRANCE (Grasse) Registered in the European cosmetics portal
Brume maison ambiance Tahara 100ml - Creme Tahara
Home Fragrance 100ml Rods - Crème Tahara - Here is the famous sweet smell of Tahara in this quality diffuser! - Supplied with 8 stems (the more stems you put, the stronger the smell and vice versa) - Made in France
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