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By Loubna B. on 06 May 2019 :
Product rated : Big Jilbab 2 pièces

Allah humma Barik

salam alikom dear sisters i bought this jilbab in a couple of colours for umrah and it was Mash Allah so beautiful the fabric is high quality it is so flowy and wide, you are completly dressed without the fabric being to thin or see is perfect for hot weather and summer because of the fabric.I washed it on 60 degrees and even put it in the dryer and its still beautiful. great tip is to buy a steamer so you can easly steam it.
I highly recomand and May Allah swt grand all of us to make Umrah an hadj in sha Allah. And may Allah swt grant this store a lot of risk thank you for the quik and honest service all the way to the Netherlands

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By Selena D. on 13 Jan. 2019 :
Product rated : Musk Al Nabil Ambar Of Yemen

Amber of Yemen

Probably the best Amber scent at bargain price

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By Abdelghani D. on 06 Jan. 2019 :
Product rated : Survêtement Legend Neo Qaba'il

love it but it was damaged

I love the clothes, but i received it with a hole in it. I messaged u about it, but had no response yet unfortunatly.

Its a thick fabric, very nice for the winter.

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